It is no longer news to every fashion-conscious person that accessories can pivot your dressing from the barest minimum to the greatest look in minutes when combined correctly. The use of different accessories has therefore advanced over the years, taking us through different eras of fashion growth. Accessories, either the ones that are carried or worn have been known over years not only to make any outfit look better but also to put the same outfit into a different context, due to the manner of accessorizing.

Headbands s one of the fashion accessories that seem to have been around forever. Starting with the ancient Greek’s tradition of wearing wreath on their head progressing till date, when women slip on different bands around their head to suit their purposes and look more beautiful, headband seems to be very comfortable staying in the fashion space for as long as possible.

It is, therefore, no surprise when headbands are sported in the winter/autumn collections of many designers, from the queen of headband designs herself, Jennifer Behr, to Gucci to Gianni, you can spot many designers trying to give more refreshing-looking and creative accessories to adorn the head.

Like many other designers of their class and concentration, Gucci has also done their best to stay on their headband designing game. With the limited hat gucci headband recently published by Roblox in the Avatar Shop on May 14, 2021, Gucci seems to be staying on top of their headband game making it a necessity to check out what they are up to in the headband department.

Gucci Headbands to check out in 2022

1. Gucci Macrame Lace Headband

A fabric hairband that is easy to wear as is easy to maintain, the Gucci Macrame Lace Headband comes in different colours to suit your different occasions. Large enough to cover the front part of your head, the headband will give you a matured, yet chic look when worn rightly. Due to its size, it is one of the headbands that can give the illusion of wearing a turban, which is also in vogue at the moment, talking of rocking two looks with one accessory.

2. Gucci Statement logo Headband

Want a very casual but organized look with your headband? Grab the Gucci Statement Logo Headband off the racks to pair with your pants and top. Wearing the same headband with an oversized top and thin jeans gives just the right amount of hippy high-schooler vibe while it is also comfy enough to make an appearance at the gym with your sportswear, keeping those stray hairs out of the way when you exercise.

3. Gucci Silk tian Printed Headband

Your Gucci Silk Tian Printed Headband is your game-changer in many looks. Whether the casual walk in the park or even the homely paired with loose bun look, your silk headband still got you rocking.

4. Gucci Web Crystal Headband

Want to be the bling princess? The Gucci Web Crystal Headband is your bet. It is your perfect dressy accessory to any party and it also serves as a jewel on its own, preventing you from needing much jewelry any longer.

5. Lyst Gucci Headband in natural

It is a type of horse-shoe hairband that can be worn on both long and short hair, including updos. The Lyst Gucci headband can be your go-to either for a tea-dress party or just a casual stroll in the pack with your friends.


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