Blotting paper is essential for everyone. It helps to remove face shine during a busy day, thus ensuring that you keep fresh and awesome looking all day long. Furthermore, the oil control paper is convenient to use. Therefore, anyone can use it. If you wish to buy a blotting paper, it is advisable to consider some essential factors. Below are six main factors to consider when purchasing a blotting paper.

Factors to consider when buying a blotting paper

1. Type of ingredients used on the blotting paper

The primary function of a blotting paper is to remove excess sweat and oil from one’s skin, especially the face. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the type of ingredients used. The kind of ingredients used should absorb the excess sweat and oil. One of the most common ingredients includes; bamboo charcoal, willow bark, abaca tree fibers, and many more. For people with extra oily faces, the best type of blotting paper should be made of flaxseed, rice, or cotton.

2. The type of texture present

Blotting papers are commonly used on the face. Therefore, the type of texture it contains plays a crucial role in how comfortable it will be to use them. Rough materials can bring about a very unpleasant scratch feeling. But a soft material is perfect for your skin. Therefore, before you buy the papers, confirm the texture of the material used.

3. The presence of powder in the blotting paper

Some of the best blotting paper available in the market contains powder. The powder helps to develop a mattifying impact. It means that it ensures that one maintains a fresh appearance during a busy day at work. For those people with naturally oily skin and those who apply extra make-up, the blotting paper with powders is perfect for them. In addition, the paper ensures that one does not have washed-out make-up.

4. The thickness of the blotting paper

The blotting paper is almost similar to tissue but also very different. Therefore, it must be very thin. A thin blotting paper is convenient to use. At the same time, a thick blotting paper may be inconvenient to use. Furthermore, thin blotting papers fit perfectly on one’s purse.

5. The absorbency rates

An excellent blotting paper should be very absorbent. A strongly absorbent paper is perfect for removing extra oil that ensures one’s make-up is nice and fresh no matter the situation or weather. Furthermore, strongly absorbent papers prevent acne from breaking out. Therefore, before you buy the blotting paper, ensure to consider their absorbency rates.

6. Sustainability of the blotting papers

Most of the focus today is going to maintaining a sustainable environment. Therefore, every product you use should play a crucial role in achieving sustainability. Thus, one of the essential factors is the biodegradability and sustainability of the materials used. To maintain sustainability, do not go for products made of vinyl or plastic but instead go for materials such as abaca fibers, hemp pulp, wood pulp, or bamboo.


Blotting papers are vital for people of all skin types. Furthermore, it is an essential commodity to own. Therefore, before you purchase, the above are essential factors to consider. The factors will help guide you through buying the best.


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