One of the critical things to consider when shopping for a highlight wig is the color. However, you may have difficulty finding an ideal color for your needs. If this is the case, you can always get a wig and color it at home. Note that this would only work with a human hair wig. This post provides you with a guide for coloring highlighted wigs.

How to create a highlighted wig

You can effortlessly create highlights on your human hair wig. The trick is to follow the right color application procedure. The procedure below would come in handy;

1. Determine and prepare the color

After you have your human hair wig, the first step is determining the highlight color. When choosing the right color for your highlighted wig, you can consider the base color and find a matching highlight color. Once you have figured out the perfect highlight color, the next step is preparing the color. Here, you will need specific hair bleaching products. You can get ready-to-use hair bleaching products or mix them up at home. Getting ready products is easier than mixing at home. However, if you are going for unique colors, you would mix well. The color preparation process is the most critical part of creating a highlighted wig as it will impact the color.

2. Prepare the wig

After mixing the color, the next step is preparing the wig. You will need to comb and detangle the wig then wash it. Washing is especially important if you have worn the wig before. You must clean off any products that could react with the dye and affect the coloring process. After washing the wig, you must comb and detangle it again before starting the coloring process.

3. The highlighting process

Once your wig and the dye are ready, you can start the highlighting process. Insert a comb inside the dye, then run it through the wig. Using a comb is important because it will target specific hair strands instead of the entire wig. Ensure to get enough of the dye on the hair. If one run-through with a brush does not do the trick, you can repeat it at least twice or thrice, depending on the highlight intensity you wish to achieve. Let the dye sit for a while to react with the hair strands before proceeding to the next step.

4. Cleaning and rinsing

The final step is washing off the dye using warm water. Ensure to wash off the dye completely. The last thing you want is for remnants of the dye to get on your natural hair when you wear the wig. Use shampoo for colored hair for the cleaning. Finally, you can rinse off the wig, condition it, dry it, and comb it.


Coloring a highlighted wig is as easy as the steps above. However, any mistakes could affect your wig’s quality. Therefore, if you are not confident in your highlighting skills, it would be wise to seek assistance from a professional. A highlight wig needs specific care, so the color lasts longer.


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