Blankets are one of the essential things in a household, whether they are being used by yourself, your mom, your sister, or any guests staying over at your place. Usually, people who live in a comfortable- climate will typically resort to using thinner blankets to sleep at night to not feel hot.

However, for people who are fortunate enough to reside in areas where the weather can show its true colors, such as Australia, Canada, etc., they might know very well how cold it can be during the winter season and how unbearable the winter season can get due to the harsh weather. For that reason, a good quality blanket is essential to have.

Especially in the winter season, only one blanket comes to mind, which is the use of a korean blanket. Korean blankets are not only excellent for keeping you warm, but they are enough to keep you warm for hours on end, and they are incredibly comfortable to use, and they are a staple in Asian households.

For that reason, if you own a Korean blanket, you know the trouble of having to wash it and how tedious it can be. Therefore, we will show you some basic ways to clean it quickly, so let’s get started!

Blow away dirt

The first thing that you should know is that the material with which Korean blankets are made causes them to be extremely thick and furry. Naturally, due to the thickness and deepness of the blankets, it can cause a lot of dirt to get trapped in between the threads. So, before even thinking of washing, you need to get the ground out.

The best way to do that is to get some help from a friend or a family member, grab both ends of the blanket, and start to get rid of the dirt by violently shaking the blanket. This will remove all dirt, and it is ready for the next step.

Use a washing machine or hand-wash.

There are two ways to approach the blanket in terms of washing. If you are tidy, you can take help from a friend, and you can hand-wash the veil, which ensures that there will be zero specks of dirt or grime remaining.

On the other hand, it can become extremely tedious to wash it by hand. Therefore, you can go for the washing machine route, which makes your job more accessible, and the washing process can be done a lot faster.


Last but not least, the best way to dry a Korean or a mink blanket is to hang it over a washing line or out in the sun. This will allow the sun to get rid of all the bacteria in the blanket, and there will be no smell remaining, and you will have a fresh and clean blanket ready for winter use.


All in all, these are some ways that you can wash and maintain a Korean blanket. These methods are straightforward to follow, and they are foolproof therefore do make sure to give them a try.


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