Books are an important and must-needed item at home. There would be hardly a home without books. Everyone has their approach to placing and decorating the books and bookshelves at home. Some prefer to arrange a confined library, while others love being creative in placing the bookshelves.

If you are among those who don’t have space to make a separate library or want the readily available book everywhere at home, there is a lot for you to learn about bookshelves placement.

This article will explain a few creative ideas to place your bookshelves at home. These ideas will not only provide innovative solutions but also help you arrange the bookshelves in your limited space.

So, if you want to know, stay here until the end!

1. Floating Shelves

The idea of floating shelves is pretty convenient and provides a lot of space to be creative. The modern interior design greatly emphasizes this aesthetically appealing and chic way of displaying the wall bookshelves.

The floating bookshelves are the best solution for the limited spaces. You can mount the floating shelves anywhere in your home, from the living room to the hallway. You can decorate these floating bookshelves with some antique pieces as well.

2. Bookshelves Room Divider

Many large-sized bookcases are available in the market that can be used to divide the room or any other place at home. These room dividers are customizable according to everyone’s requirements.

These shelves room divider gives huge flexibility in organizing the bookshelves, and the dividers are large enough to make a whole library. Usually, these dividers are made of wood durable enough to bear the weight of many bookshelves.

Some bookshelves room dividers are moveable and can be used to access other rooms.

3. Bookcase TV Stand

The latest TV stands are available both as free-standing and wall-mounted types. And both of these types can be used as bookcase TV stands. Many manufacturers are offering combinations of bookcases and TV stands.

Even if your TV stand doesn’t have a bookcase, you can install the floating bookshelves around the TV stand, which gives a classical feel to the TV stand.

4. Side Pull-Out Quick Saves

The latest side pull-out quick saves can hide a whole library in a corner or on one wall. These are the vertical shelf drawers that are installed one after another. These drawers will help you save space and keep the books clean from dust.

5. Corner Shelves and Doorway Framing

Usually, the corners and sides of doorways are always free in every home. You can use these empty and boring places to create a miniature library. This will save a lot of your space and convert all those colorless corners into gorgeous and practical shelves.

6. Bookcase Under Staircase

The space under the stairs is almost always useless and remains dirty. You can use that vast space to place your large bookcase. These bookcases can be covered with some glass doors to keep the books clean and safe from kids and pets.


There are a lot more ways to place your bookshelves at home. However, you need durable and readily available shelves to place those books.

From, you can get your desired and customized bookshelves in a huge range of materials, designs, and colors. You just need to measure your available space, place your order, and get the innovative bookshelves at home.


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