How to look at your phone and work comfortably at the same time? Sometimes it hides under a paper, or the pencil shavings mar its screen. Phone mounts are your best buddies to avoid all the annoyance and work peacefully.

Today you’ll have a close look at some of the great stands that a renowned company UGREEN provides. Additionally, a comprehensive guide illustrates what characteristics make a phone stand for desk a crowd-pleaser.

Before jumping into the guide, let’s take a quick review of some top-notch products for desk use at UGREEN.

Sliding Cell Phone Holders

These cell phone stands from UGREEN have a moveable holder. The back is made from sturdy ABS material and incorporates padding to avoid slipping. These are useful when you have a glass desk top and want to put the phone in a comfortable position.

The phone-holding cavity also has a rubber padding to prevent your device from scratching. It offers pleasing adjustment angles up to 100 degrees. Note that, these stands work best with 4 to 1.9 inches screen length and 0.55-inch phone width.

Tablet Foldable Mounts for Desk Tops

Not all users are looking to buy a mount for mobile phones. Tablets require a broader holding cavity than cellphones. Therefore, you need UGREEN’s desk phone holders with broader compatibility.

These look pretty much like portable cell phone stand holders. However, the difference lies in weight housing capacity and the overall width. Most tablets have around 7 inches screens. Hence, these holders work great for devices with 4.7 to 7.9 inches screens. Also, there are two adjustments available.

Connecting your charger is easy enough. You can set it higher and connect the charging cable to avoid unnecessary strain on the cable. Having dimensions of 95 mm x 85 mm, they are great for carrying as well.

Charging Dock for Gaming Devices

Sometimes you need to charge your Nintendo Switch Lite but can’t stop the gameplay. Here UGREEN’s charging dock for desk stands works like a charm. As the name explains, this stand has a charging pin as well.

Most modern-day devices have a Type-C charging port. Therefore, this dock features a Type C charging pin. You can plug in the original Switch Lite charging adapter or any other 5v charger to charge the stand. It allows the adjustability up to 100 degrees. The high-quality ABS material prevents scratching giving a stable hold.

It provides surge and over-current protection as well. Moreover, it offers wide compatibility with the most renowned mobile models. So if you are looking to get gaming and break free from charging worry this charging dock is an ideal pick.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Phone Stand for Desk

  • Stable Base: A lighter base will result in tripping. Hence, you should prefer a stand with a stronger base.
  • Sturdy Materials: ABS and Aluminum alloys are the most common materials for making phone stands. Low-quality material may cost you your device.
  • Adjustability: Height adjustability is always a plus. However, it depends on what you need.
  • Maximum Angles: A 360 rotation is great. But, you should first look at the environment for which you are buying the holder.
  • Compatibility with Various Models: Ensure that your device is on the compatible list.


There are many kinds of phone stand for desks. Some are foldable while others are rotatable with charging pins. Their rotatability varies from model to model. Therefore, it is important, to take a closer look at the product’s application before finalizing a purchase.

UGREEN knows the requirements of all kinds of users and makes versatile phone holders. You can find foldable, sliding, and charging stands here. Moreover, their stands allow easy portability.


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