Serial RS232 cable provides serial communication for stable, efficient, and point-to-point data transfer.

It is used for relatively slow speed and short-distance data transfer.


Serial RS 232 cables find their applications in PCs, Laptops, Multimedia Projectors, Printers, Scanners, electronic devices, industrial machinery, networking equipment, and scientific gadgets.

Key Points to Consider

· Port availability

Before buying Serial RS 232 cables, check whether both the devices you want to connect with cable have RS 232 cable ports. According to the scenario, you can use other combination cables like USB to RS 232.

 · PIN Configuration

 An important consideration is RS 232 cable structure. Series RS 232 cable is available in different structures as the connector provides different numbers of wires depending on the required subset of the RS 232 cable circuit. Sometimes while connecting two different devices like a PC with a printer or scanner, both the ends of the cable should have different pin configurations depending on each device. Before buying, check that the PIN on your device port and the cable you purchase is the same.

· Voltage level

The voltage level is another important specification to check. While buying Series RS 232 cable, check that its voltage rating matches the device you are using it. If the voltage rating of the Series RS 232 cable is low, use a batter rating wire because a low rating cable can cause safety issues and even damage the device or equipment.

· Length of Cable

 Speed and LengthLength of wire are interdependent. Serial RS 232 cables are available in LengthLength from 1meter to 25meter. Don’t use too much lengthy cable at places where it is not needed. This could reduce the speed of data transfer of the cable and hence reduce performance. Thus, before buying cable, make exact consideration of the LengthLength of the cable required.

· Data Transfer Rate

Transfer data rate check is of keen importance while buying Serial RS 232 cable.        RS – 232 cables offer a data transfer rate from 20Kbps to 1Mbps. Before buying, check that the cable supports the data rate you require. If you use a high-speed cable, it is good, but it can increase the cost. If you use slow-speed wire data transferred, it may get corrupted or lost. Choose a balanced cable between speed and cost.

· Impedance

Before buying a Serial RS 232 cable, also check its impedance. Do not use a very high impedance wire. It can reduce speed, reduce energy efficiency and cause data to lose.

· ESD Protection

 As Serial RS 232 cables are used to connect electrical and electronic equipment, they are vulnerable to ESD (Electrostatic discharge) and Voltage surge threats. In such cases, use RS 232 cables with high ESD protection for efficient and safe data transfer.

· Isolation

I prefer Serial RS 232 cables with high insulation used for connecting heavy devices. Cables with low isolation features can get punctured and cause safety issues and equipment damage.

· Package Size

Don’t use bulky cables where they are not required. This will affect the appearance and will be difficult to handle.

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Final Words

Serial RS 232 cables purchase is surely a challenging process when so many options are available. This guide provides you with all the essential points to help you understand which option is suitable for your need.


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